Facilities and Equipments

The OPD facility is complete with Auto-refractometers, Air Puff Tonometers for recording IOP (Intra Ocular Pressure), Cordless Chart Projectors, LED charts.

It has world’s best Auto-Phoropters with Computerized subjective eye checking and having North India’s only objective auto accommodation measuring system.

On the diagnostic front, the clinic is equipped with Automated Field Analyzer, Octopus Perimeter, Digital Fluorescein Angiography FFA, Region’s most advanced Spectral OCT-SLO, Aberrometer, Corneal Topography for Corneal Patterns, Eye Ultrasounds (A, B & CV Scans), Biometers, Pachymeters, Keratometers, Exophthalmometer, Lees Diplopia testing, Gonioscopes, Cordless Laser Indirect and direct ophthalmoscopes etc.

Best of Lasers, Surgical Daycare & Indoor facilities are available at our centers.