Near Vision Correction and Multifocal Laser

Multifocal Lasik (Also known as Progressive Multifocal Lasik) is the simultaneous correction of both distance and near vision numbers (presbyopia) in patients wearing double number or bifocal glasses or having plus numbered glasses . In advanced Multifocal laser vision correction, simultaneous correction of all distance, intermediate and near vision numbers is done for patients of presbyopia. This was so far not possible with any Lasik laser system in the world and Mono-Vision correction was done wherein one eye was corrected for distance and the other eye for near.

Multifocal Laser Vision correction is very useful for patients above 35 years of age having any spectacle number and for all plus number glasses users above 18 years of age. Multifocal Lasik can be done at age 50+ also if there is no cataract or any other contra indication in the eye.

Since June 2008, Grover Eye Laser & E.N.T. Hospital is the first hospital in India to have developed and used advanced multizone Lasik creating multifocal corneal correction. Now new MULTIFOCAL LASER has also been added to correct both distance and near vision simultaneously in both eyes.

Our hospital has Objective Accommodation measurement system for accurate data input for Multifocal Laser Vision correction. With this Dr.Rohit Grover & Dr.Sujata Grover have joined the select group of only few doctors world-wide known to have developed such a technique. This also increases contrast sensitivity in most patients and has made a giant stride in the advancement of C-Lasik use.

This gives much better results as compared to Presbyopic-Lasik, Presby Max, Kamara Inlay rings etc.

Multifocal LASIK Testimonial